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ADP Authorization

The Assistive Devices Program is funded by the Ontario government to help offset the financial cost of custom medical equipment. For people with lymphedema, this program will cover 75% of the cost of two-garment sets (one garment to wear, one to wash) every 4 months. After 2 years, another application must be submitted. Income does not matter.

Please note that to qualify for ADP, patients MUST be an Ontario resident and have a valid Ontario health card.

For the initial application, a registered nurse or a specialist doctor in cardiovascular or vascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, radiation or medical oncology, internal medicine, paediatrics, physiatry, or plastic or general surgery, must complete and sign the application BEFORE the Authorizer or Fitter. A Family Doctor cannot sign the initial application, and the application cannot be back-dated.

After the Specialist Medical Practitioner has signed the application, the ADP Authorizer will discuss the patient’s diagnosis and work with the patient to determine which garments are most suitable. The Authorizer then fills in their portion of the application form, and the patient takes the document to an ADP Certified Fitter to finalize the application and have measurements taken for the compression garment(s).

The appointment time for ADP authorization is typically one hour, however this may vary depending on the complexity of the case and other factors.

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of the ADP authorization appointment, but it is up to the patient to make the inquiry. This service cannot be direct billed, but a receipt will be provided for patients to submit to their insurance company.